01.03.2018 - IOHK's weekly Cardano technical report


This week’s IOHK Cardano Technical report is out. Read it here: https://www.cardanohub.org/en/weekly-technical-report/


Implementation of paper wallet certificate generator for Cardano wallet kicked off. This feature will be delivered within the scope of the Daedalus 0.10 and the Cardano 1.2 release. Testing for the upcoming Daedalus 0.9 and Cardano 1.1 release was completed, and the release is ready to be shipped. The team participated in the Daedalus roadmap planning workshop where the longer-term roadmap was defined.

This is good news. I hope all wallet issues will be fixed.


Sidechains, I would like to see the paper in the conference mentioned, team availability or unavailability happens as we all have lives to live I just hope that around May they can say they have significant work into what the paper has been written for and it becomes more than theory as their peers look into it after reviewing the conference material.

What does this mean? I can soon cold store?? Or???.. I am a little bit confused.


Daedalus 0.9 is complete and is ready for rolling. Paper wallet (cold storage) only on Daedalus 1.0 release.


@cf_maki.mukai Typo in technical report.

Daedalus 0.10 should be Daedalus 1.0. Pointed out by @bearbearbowl.


Hi James

Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll let the team running the tech reports know. :slight_smile: