1.5m Ada looking for a new Home

I have 1.5m to delegate, due to tax laws in my country its not worth it to start my own stakepool, so I can help a small stakepool to get go,

My Stake alone will ensure at least one block every epoch prob even 2-3, which is crucial for a stakepool to attract other delegators. But I’m not doing this just out of philanthropy, I want compensation for my delegation. Details about how the compensation could look like could be discussed in private.

Cheers, Peter



You can delegate/support me , Charity Pool; or any other pools which are doing great jobs (charity, develop, nature/climate support, etc)

I will let other pool operators to know about you and they will comment here. This way you can take the right decision

Thank you

for the rest operators please be careful when you are talking in private… do not share your seed words to anyone… … stay safe!

So you don’t want to help a small stake pool, you just want more rewards without having to start a stake pool of your own. You automatically get compensation for your delegation every 5 days.


You could also take a look at APEX, my stake pool. This delegation would really help!

Hi @Peter2,

I was actually looking at starting a stake pool recently so your donation would be gladly received.


I lately made an offer here (Introducing Pale Blue Dot pool [PBDOT] - #5 by mcrio) in order to mint the first block… that specific offer would be valid for few epochs. We could revise it for a future predefined period.

Hello Peter,

Angkorwatstakepool (WAT) would be much appreciated if you stake with our small pool.


Pretty sad!! If everyone with a decent stake acted like you we would be really messed up and much more centralized.

anyway it looks like a scam so, don’t DM this person

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Hey Peter!

Would be nice if you could check our pool EUSKL.

Our main mission is simple: Cardano Mission. :saluting_face:

Feel free to reach me out if you need something!



I can use some delegators. I am now running my own stakepool now for almost a year. I am extending my pledge with 1000 euro each week in the hope I get one block each 6 epochs. I am not there yet.

The scripts I used to, create my pool, are open source. See

Maybe the fact I am contributing to open source you decide to grant me some part.

My pool is


HI Peter

Cheers from ChileStakePo [CHIL]
its very kind of you :slight_smile:

You should try Optim Finance, get higher yield but commit to Stake a longer time, so less liquid.

choose SIGN for your Signature Staking operations :point_up:

Hi Peter,

If you move that delegation to AGC you will be getting 99% of the block rewards after min fee. It is a 0% vFee pool. We have 8 blocks minted

Hey Peter,

As much as we’d love your delegation an alliance such as xSPO (twitter - @AlliancexSPO) could do a lot more with that sort of delegation.
They run (and we stake along with) a rotating delegation that is staked to all member pools in turn. This allows some of the smallest pools a chance of creating their first block and getting the ball rolling. A lot of these pools also support good caused as part of their operations so you could also be helping them fulfil this role too…