1 inbound peer as gateway address. Is this OK?

Hopefully a quick question,

Everything looks OK, but not sure about only having 1 inbound peer. The IP address is the gateway address on the local network, is this normal or is this a problem?


for core it is ok - since the only node is connecting to it is the relay node…
for relay - it should be more - no achieve it you need topologyUpdater script - do you have it for relay?

thanks for taking the time to respond.
I assume you mean the script which is running on the relay node… as logged below:

The main screen is data from the relaynode… the bottom left is from the block node ( home screen in gLiveview) and the bottom right (showing the peers in gLiveview) is from the relaynode.

Seems ok!
So I guess it takes more time to have incoming connections - lets wait for 3-4 hours more, and see what happens…

Thanks, perhaps I should be more patient. trying to catch this next epoch but in the scheme of things probably makes no difference.

I was curious because the IP address was the gateway address, as if the node relay is identifying every incoming peer as gateway address, instead of the origin address.as if it was some kind of NAT issue.

yes - if the relay is behind the NAT every incoming IP will the gateway address

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I changed the block producer to connect to the relay on local address, and since some other issues and troubleshooting them its now showing incoming remote peers other than gateway IP address. Not sure of the exact cause of the issue but even behind NAT you can view source IP address, not just gateway address.

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