1 Million files on Wallet

So I just deleted the DB folder from Daedalos and windows had to clean up ~1 Million files (needless to say it didn’t like it).

I know that running a node on your wallet is not the endgame here and that this is a bit anecdotal.
I also understand that there is some need for fragmentation in this type of data structure but I was wondering -
if using so many files is a necessary constraint?

What are the merits/reasons for using this mechanism?

@Chainomatic @MegaWind

From a development stance, plenty, but as you have discovered the blockchain is comprised of a lot of small files, not so great for end users.

Daedalus is a very powerful wallet, I think many see it as just a simple app, it is not. But back to your question, a “constraint” now but will be getting a lot better as the team releases newer versions.

Newer versions could get a filesystem within another partition’s filesystem.
Think of it as a zip file, containing all the DB tiny files that are opened only when Daedalus is running and closed “zipped” when it is not.

Did this help?

You could move that DB folder to a flash drive, then create a symlink to your new drive.

Just a thought.



Yes this clears things up a bit, thx.
I understand that the virtualization can be done in many ways, and simply surprised that this is the solution the guys went with. This may be a boorish thing to say - but what’s wrong with something like a db file?

Yea, I hear you, its called compromise now so we can get where we want to be tomorrow.

Growing pains, often suck.