12.04.18 - Cardano Audit Report


Cardano Foundation is pleased to share the first audit report of the build of Cardano Settlement Layer; covering code, documentation and operational procedures.

The Foundation is fulfilling its objective to protect, evolve and enrich Cardano by delivering a thorough audit of IOHK’s work, to do this we have retained FP Complete an independent and highly credible 3rd party to perform an extensive audit of the engineering work completed by the Cardano development team at IOHK.

This audit is in line with Cardano’s rigorous, peer-reviewed approach and aims for transparency to its community and stakeholders. The report will also enable IOHK to use this ongoing work to optimise the engineering methods and coding standards used to implement Cardano.

You can find the latest and future audit reports here:


I’m impressed! :frowning:
Is there another project that comprehensively implements peer-review like this?
Feel free to improve me if i’m wrong


Yes, very impressive!

Testing. Every developer feels they write pristine code, and managers feel their project is well organized; but missed release dates, launch failures, and incessant bug reports offer the proof.

Well done, Charles and Team.

Steady as she goes.