12 Word Recovery Phrase Not Valid - But I Know It's Correct

Hi! Sorry to hear that :frowning_face: but system of the words were not changed since the very first version, because it would pretty much break everyone’s existing wallets.

There’s a well-known standard for crypto-currencies on how to work with these mnemonic words, called BIP39 - https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039.mediawiki

Cardano uses this system too. It defines the standard dictionary of words, and the standard way on how to check the correctness of a phrase. There’s a precise mathematical way on how not all combinations of words are valid (checksum) - only around every 16th combination is considered valid.

This is what the “Invalid Recovery Phrase” error indicates. Wallet technically could not generate an invalid phrase for you. So if you receive this error, there’s only 1 possible reason for this, I’m afraid - you are entering an invalid phrase. And it might be either because you wrote it down incorrectly, or reading it from paper incorrectly. And I’m in no way accusing you of being uneducated or anything like this. I have mixed up phrases before too. There’s no point in being pissed off, because the only way to solve this problem is too calm down and use this standard dictionary to check and verify each word, and maybe to look up for similar words, how @rdlrt rightly suggested - https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt

I very much hope you will be able to find the correct phrase! :crossed_fingers:


btw, hacks are irrelevant to this, because this error message just indicates the mathematically wrong sequence of secret words. There’s no way for a phrase to be valid and then to become invalid due to a hack or anything like that.


That’s a valid point. I wanted to make sure that he has his wallet address and can see that his funds are there before moving on to the next steps.

I wouldn’t think straight if I was worried something happened and I lost my funds.

Conversely if the funds are gone there is no need to recover an empty wallet.


Ah, that’s a good point, yeah, I agree :ok_hand: )

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Is there any way a faulty installation or a corrupt file would give that error?

I was thinking a clean install in a separate machine could solve this.


Should not be possible, since the code for this verification is really very simple :thinking: Might always be double-checked by having a Yoroi wallet and using the “Transfer from Daedalus” function:

There you need to enter the same 12 words and the validation should be the same as in Daedalus.

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That’s where I was headed too. This should help if the words are correct.

Well, our brain can act up while especially ‘writing’ down words. We would not be able to progress further if we cannot give the possibility of having a mistake a fair chance.
Having said that, when you say you deleted existing wallet, did you do it from Daedalus interface?
If so, you may still have a Wallet-1.0_backup* folder in your Daedalus profile. This backup folder was created when you did upgrade to 0.12 (assuming you did).
We can restore your wallet from that backup if it exists.

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Instances of such events were presented on this forum in numerous threads. Don’t expect me to search for all of them and procure a list just so you could discard them without a second though as clearly your position is set in stone.

Daedalus works in PC environment and such is easy to hack. Even if the wallet is relatively safe as a stand alone entity, the fact that it is reliable on the environment and it lacks second level authentication makes it vulnerable.

Cardano needs better, safer solutions than that. Banning critique or words of caution is detrimental for the project. I wish it to succeed, but in order to do that any potential issue areas have to be fixed.

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Piotr: Let’s keep it real. Banning unsupported, emotionally charged statements is critical in maintaining forum ‘health’. Your fud was flushed, you’ll live.

Two: You’ve arrived at the wrong destination for Windows vulnerability submissions. Please see Microsoft.

Three: Screaming FIRE :fire: FIRE :fire: in a packed theatre doesn’t exactly demonstrate your good intentions for Cardano…when there’s no smoke.

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Please don’t patronize me. My points were fully supported and you know it. Being blind to the issue is not maintaining health. It’s maintaining the lack of it. My statement was in best will to prevent others from losing their money. While you brought absolutely nothing substantial to the table other than claiming it was a user screw up and Daedalus is perfect creation with no flaws.

I see you either have a very limited understanding how the crypto environment works and the implications of the security or you’re simply a troll who doesn’t want for any flaws in the project to be fixed. I therefore see no reason to waste my time talking to you.

It’s unfortunate you feel this way, and have resorted to ad hominem.

But again, I invite you to present any and all substantive info in defense of your claims. If you fail, it’s simply because you have none.

I see you, there’s no corners.

I hope @jdelong15 managed to recover his wallet.

Lets keep the topic to the thread.

This is not related to security or hacks, and your points deviate from issue user faces, of not having correct seed (different than losing balance)

It’s unfortunate you feel this way, and have resorted to ad hominem
It’s funny that you mention this since you were the first one to employ such argumentation.

There were many threads concerning loosing ADA in Daedalus. Here is a recent one, don’t expect me to search for all of them:

I have substantiated my claims. A wallet that doesn’t employ at least 2 level authentication and is dependent on it’s digital environment is not a save storage of money. You provided absolutely no valid arguments. I invite you to do such. If you fail it’s simply because you have none.

Another user called me out on my statement. I merely provided substantiation to my claims. Both topics are related to Daedalus usability.