13.09.18 - Haskell `cborg` Dependency Report


This dependency report is the second dependency report as part of the Cardano audit.

The cborg package, (formerly binary-serialise-cbor) provides an efficient implementation of the Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR), as specified by RFC 7049.
It is a dependency of cardano-sl and is used, for example, for dealing with the binary representation of transactions.

It is important for the proper working of the Cardano project that this serialisation and deserialisation works well.

More dependency reports are on their way, each of different critical dependencies of the Cardano project.

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By the number of red and yellow marks in that report, I would say it must have been honest, by golly.


Not too bad! Way to go Cardano!


You do know that red means bad, right?


Red means that green is coming soon :slight_smile: