19.04.2018 - IOHK's weekly Cardano technical report


IOHK’s Cardano weekly technical report is out! With progress made across the board and a new section on ‘Decentralization’, it’s worth a look!


Wooow, we are mentioned in the latest update.:grinning:

Following the Linux Beta release the community pointed out inode resource limits can be an issue in some context. In response an engineer prepared a Linux-specific proof of concept implementation for more efficient block storage.


@_ilap, you are a legend! :+1:

For context:


Thx, but to be clear, I did not reply to his post to shine myself, really, but I was really happy that we were mentioned. Tho I could have done it unconsciously.:slight_smile:


Didn’t even suspected this, actually :slight_smile: My first thought was, how awesome it is that they are are really paying attention to a discussion!

And also really wanted to thank you for making Cardano better (both the community and the product :slightly_smiling_face:)


I couldn’t agree more! _ilap your posts on this forum are of stellar quality and you have helped me wrap my head around many Cardano concepts. Thank you!