1st of its kind multi-purpose CNFT project (introduction)

Hi everyone,

Greetings from team Coin Ceylon. we are currently operating the 1st & the only Cardano stake pool in Sri Lanka (pool ticker “LANKA”). We have been a team of tech enthusiasts who are strong advocates of Cardano eco-system and its vision and has held various meetups and events in sri lanka for the cardano community and blockchain enthusiasts here. we were the team behind hosting the only Cardano event in Sri Lanka alongside the World Cardano summit back in september 2021.

We have been in development of our very first CNFT project for the past 6 months, and we are happy to announce that its ready to be launched in April 2022.
Looking forward for the community to have a look at the project once we launch and give us your feedback on how to improve further.

Just to give a brief outline on the project. The CNFT Collection is based on a fading sculpture artform in sri lanka. The NFT collection will consist of 6000 hand-drawn and designed 2D Masks that represents this cultural art form with a mystical back story, along-with 666 3D animated Masks that will be airdropped to hodlers of the 2D masks (more details to be announced on the white paper launch later next week).

The Hodlers will be able to earn passive income from the NFT’s, as well as they are able to use the airdrops to claim actual physical rewards from a merchandise store.

Further more hodlers will have access to a raffle draw that will give travel and hospitality benefits ( a fully expense paid vacation / excursion trip to the island nation of sri lanka and more).

Further to the benefits of the hodlers , part of the proceeds from the sale will be allocated for sustainable community development to help the artists, and communities who struggle yet still engage in this fading art form, Raising the global awareness to this fading cultural creative art form by Helping the existing creative community uplift their livelihoods, through better equipment support services for training and guidance for product development, branding & marketing through the funds raised through the NFT sales Ultimately using Cardano blockchain to help solve real world problems and help build Communities through sustainable development.

This is a very brief introduction into a fully fledged multi-purpose CNFT project that is due to launch in April, with a host of other benefits and developments to be announced alongside the whitepaper.

hope all of you will join us in our journey as we bring real world applications and utility models from the
blockchain space to the real world, and apply it in sustainable business models to solve
problems and help the communities while rewarding all our partners, stakeholders and
well wishers moving forward to make technology accessible to all in a meaningful manner.

we would love to collaborate with interested individuals who believe in our collective vision. please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Hi everyone,
We are super excited to be launching the Minting for the project “YAKKA CNFT” tomorrow 21st April 2022 at 1.05am UTC
Would be great to see all of you there.
Feel free to check out our project details at www.yakka.art or through any of our social media channels.