3 days and I still haven't received my ADA

Hello, I’ve ordered some ADA from NDAX.io. On NDAX it shows the Withdrawal ticket with my wallet address. The status shows nothing, just blank.
I checked multiple times that my receiving address on Daedalus is correct.
On Cardano Explorer, I put my receiving address and it says it could not find a match.

I downloaded Daedalus from https://daedaluswallet.io/
it took a full day to fully sync as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not familiar with NDAX so can’t speak to their process. Daedalus works fine however and you can check the address you sent to on blockchain explorers like cardanoscan.io if you want to trace it in more detail. Generally speaking for a brand new wallet always do a test transaction first of a small amount like say 5 ADA.

It’s also possible if you just bought that the exchange is still getting it together or waiting for your funds to clear etc before actually submitting the queued transaction. Many centralized exchanges put a few days hold time on deposits and withdrawals especially during high volume periods.

If you are super concerned reach out to their customer support. As long as you correctly entered the address and your computer is not compromised with a virus or malware it will be reflected in your balance with a day or two.

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Thank you for the detailed answer. I checked my wallet on cardanoscan.io and it shows up. I have reached out to NDAX’s customer support. Thanks again.

If you see your funds via cardanoscan.io on your address its probably just a syncing issue with Daedalus.

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