4th semester project. Any Ideas?

Hi guys,

I am a computer science student who has been following cardano a few months after the launch and before the big boom. I will hopefully be starting my 4th semester in February. I will not be having any classes or lectures. I can study whatever I want. The only requirement is that it has to be around 38 hours a week and by the end of the semester I have to have a project which I can defend in an oral exam and there has to be some programming involved.

So I was thinking if you guys have any ideas of what I could do?

My project can span multiple topics and it doesnt have to be one thing only. So far I have been thinking about the following:

Ethical hacking tool suite
A high frequency trading bot for stocks and crypto
My own blockchain and a cryptocurrency
Setting up an ADA staking pool
Other cardano stuff (Not exactly sure what. Feel free to write some ideas)

I am not sure if setting up an ADA staking pool has programming involved.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on what exactly I could do.

So far I have been using C# and Visual Studio for development. We have learned about MVC, Entity Framework, WebAPIs and razor pages. It is up to me if I want to build on top of that or learn something completely new during 4th semester.


In case your project (presentation) would benefit of some physical elements, paired with the software you develop, might give a look at the Cardano on the Rocks project.

One of the goals indeed was to provide a little cheap plattform, that can be used as a 24h running device (even when your notebook is offline)

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@werkof The Cardano on the Rocks project looks amazing. Would love to include it in the project.

One thing I am worried about with regards to setting up a node is that there is no or to little programming involved. Do you know to what extent programming is involved in setting up a node?

I could also get a bit into Haskell but from what I have heard it is a pretty tough language and also I have not worked with functional programming yet. So far it has only been object oriented…

you could write ansible and shell scripts to build the OS, harden it, build/install node, launch it and tie in into some monitoring software, etc

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@franco Sounds interesting. Do you mean OS for Cardano on the Rocks?

not really, anything you want… if you wanted to use a vps or your own dedicated hardware or something like the rock/orange/raspberry pi, etc

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Another thing which I just thought of as well. One of my friends who is in my class would like to get into game development during 4th semester. I was thinking that we could team up and he can work on game development. We are allowed to do that. We just have to work on different things. So I was thinking about making a game on the Cardano blokchain. A bit like CryptoKitties for Ethereum. However with the launch of Basho the problems CryptoKitties have had with scaling would be solved and hopefully with some marketing we could earn a lot of money as well.

Is there anyone who have insight into game development with blockchain involvement like CryptoKitties? Would we be using RUST mostly or making the game in the language of our choice. For example python.

The RockPi Project is just a base plattform. Mainly Hardware and if one want to use the Armbian Ubuntu Image also a ready to use Linux OS.

You can think of monitoring tools, a web-based user frontend and much more that interact with wallets and the Jormungandr test network. And you can connect external sensors or actors. Your software then is the link and logic between something physical and the blockchain.

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How about a simple use case that benefits the community…

Assume the Cardano Foundation could pool some Ada… How about a plug-in for the software that powers the forum so that some forum activity pulls from a Ada pool to reward quality participation.


How about a Twitter bot that you can @ and have a specific tweet memorialized on Cardano blockchain.

Just some ideas.

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Another idea is to create a web page that ranks all stake pools by rewards. It could include other indicators such as efficiency, uptime, etc…

Something very similar to Tron’s “Token Goodies”, you can check it here : https://www.tokengoodies.com/

It would be actually very useful to all ADA holders that plan to stake, the only possible problem being that such a project might already be on the works by somebody else. I have no clue if that is the case.

Anyway, just another idea.

Good luck with your project!


Thankyou for the good ideas everyone.

So far my favorite ideas out of the ones you have mentioned are setting up a cardano node with cardano on the rocks and making a site like @Godio mentioned. Having it auto-update in real time would be awesome. A bit like coinmarketcap.com but just with the cardano stakepools instead.


I like the idea of something that benefits the ecosystem.
What about a website that acts as a tool for untrained people to select different basic transactions (using marlowe behind the scenes)

Delayed transatcion
Multi address transactions
Time locked transaction
Reoccurring payment from a contract to address


It will enable general public to create these types of payments and display the power of these systems.
You could even add a small transaction fee to fund your venture.

Best case scenario would be that IOHK like it and roll it into deadelus.

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@Infin8 Thanks. That sounds like an awesome idea. Will look into it now. I am not expecting it but it would be amazing if IOHK rolled it into Daedelus. Also it would be nice to earn a bit of money along the way.

@Theonemailf_Q One interesting topic might be porting Daedelus to the OpenBSD operating system. I think it involves quite some work, you would have to port some of its dependencies.

OpenBSD is a well designed and secure OS. If you have time you can also port it to FreeBSD and NetBSD.

This is about bringing Cardano to a larger audience and I think this would be very valuable work.


Charles invited the creation of a tipbot on his latest ama


@voidscale Thankyou for the idea. It sounds interesting but personally I am more into Debian and I have an interest in QubesOS. The only reason I am using windows right now is because we have to use Visual Studios Enterprise right now.

@brian_morton Thanks. A tipping bot…that sounds interesting. It would be cool to make a tipping bot. I would have to find some reading material on it. I am guessing tipping bots have already been made and I could find some reading material/guides on it. The part about getting Cardano involved would be really awesome. Perhaps I could also earn money by having a small percentage of the tip go towards myself but someone would probably make a bot pretty quick that is completely free so the better option would probably be to make it available for free and people could pay whatever they want to pay to get it. From 0 and upwards.

Big shout out to @Theonemailf_Q - if you need some help or assistance from the CF drop me a line at any time! We’d be more than happy to help you achieve top marks in your curriculum


Hi @Theonemailf_Q
We are currently developing an online makerspace solution for rapid prototyping, that we will integrate with Cardano. Is this a project you would be interested in joining?
For some teasers it also evolves around AI generated prototypes in the future, enabling Industry 5.0, it connects with UN SDG (10 of the 17 goals) ++

We are looking for Rust (or Haskell/Plutus) and php developers.
If it is of interest, hit me a message on SkypeID: roarblob

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@Tiago_CF Thankyou very much. I really appreciate it and will keep it in mind as next semester gets closer. It would be awesome to get a bit involved with the CF :smile:

@roarh Thankyou very much. This sounds very interesting as well. Would be amazing to be part of it :smile: