6xIOHK Pools have control 55.75% of Staking Rewards!

Refer to the boxed area. I noticed that only 6xPools controlled a total of 55.75% of the staking rewards. Will this improve or are some adjustments required to enable improve equability.

My ADA is not in that 55.75%!

One of the parameters that can and will be adjusted is the overall size of the pools. This setting starts to penalize pools for getting to large. As we work through the Testnet I think those parameters will start getting refined.

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Which pool website is that?

https://pooltool.io/pools The one to look at is itn_rewards_v1

IOHK have huge bags and started staking a bit earlier than public release to bootstrap the system. It’s expected that they’ve earned most of the reward payouts - testnet staking is very new and it will take time for an equilibrium to establish.

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