A Coin Stabilized By A Withdrawal Delay Time Which Is Pegged To The Withdrawal Amount

Harpoon Stable Coin: A Plutus Smart Contract with Delayed Withdrawal and Whale Watcher Alarm

Here is an idea for a stable coin on the Cardano chain which would be useless to whales and speculators and yet perfect for the rest of us that just want to use cryptocurrency for storing value and making purchases.

The proposal is to make a Plutus smart contract for a coin that enforces a delay time on withdrawals which grows longer as the withdrawal amount gets larger.

Since all withdrawals will be visible to the community, small fish seeing the coming withdrawal can pull their smaller amounts out first (smaller withdrawal delay for smaller amounts) leaving the whale holding the loss.

Of course a school of fish could act as a whale with less delay on the withdrawals. As a counter measure, high withdrawal activity will put all the pending withdrawals in a queue with an extra delay which would allow the rest of us to get out first.

I am in the Plutus Pioneer program so I should be able to write this as my skills improve.
It seems like this might be a good first project but I am wondering if there is some obvious flaw in the idea that is not so obvious to me.

This question could also be asked in the Plutus Talk, Nativie Tokens, or Cardano Projects forums but I thought it might be bad manners to post in more than one place at a time so the General Discussions forum seemed like the right place for this question.

All ideas and criticisms are welcome.
Much thanks

As I think about this I am starting to realize that while whales and speculators may sometimes cause the problem of crashing prices but they are not the actual problem. The problem is whales, fish, and bots all cashing out at the same time for whatever reason. It’s starting to look like a problem that power companies have on hot days when and everyone wants to use power for their air conditioners. The power companies try to control this by charging more for power during peak hours. So now I am wondering how could a Plutus smart contract be written to disincentivize cashing out when demand is greater than supply.
Perhaps the smart contract could burn a portion of the coins being cashed out during times of peak withdrawals and low investment to offset the increase in supply and to act as a disincentive to withdraw at that time. The rate at which the coins are burned would be pegged to the current rate at which supply is increasing because the community is cashing out. I wonder if this is being worked on already. I understand very little about how all this works but the effort of trying to code this project in Plutus will increase understanding of how a token can be made stable.
I would be very interested to hear what other people think about this.