A documentation on how to convert ADA to Kenyan Shillings

To convert ADA to ksh, you primarily need to have 4 things:

  • A cardano wallet
  • A coinbase account
  • A bank account
  • A debit or credit card linked to your bank account

Steps of converting ADA to Kenyan Shillings

Assuming that you already have a Cardano wallet, a bank account and a credit card, you will need to have a coinbase account. Here are the steps of creating a coinbase account:

  • Go to google and type “Coinbase.com
  • Click on “Get started” to register an account!
  • Fill in the required fields and create a password!
  • You will receive an email from Coinbase with instructions to verify your email address!
  • You will finally be redirected to your Coinbase account!

Now that you have a Coinbase account, we will start the steps of converting your ADA to Kenyan Shillings

  • Step 1: Send ADA from your Cardano wallet to your coinbase account

On the right side of the Coinbase interface, there is a “Send and Receive” option. This is the same option that is in your Cardano wallet in case you want to send or receive ADA. Click on it and choose the “Receive” option in order to get ADA from your Cardano wallet. You will need to choose the network from which you want to receive your cryptocurrency from. The options are Cardano, Ethereum, Bitcoin, among others. In this case, we will choose the Cardano network.

Once you have selected the Cardano wallet, you will have a receiving address as you always have in your Cardano wallet.

This is the address that you will put in your Cardano wallet as the receiving address so that you can send ADA to the Coinbase account.

Once the ADA gets to your coinbase account, you will see its value in Kenyan Shillings.

  • Step 2: Click on the buy and sell option

Next to the “Buy and Sell” option, there is a buy and sell option. This is where you will be essentially selling your ADA to get Kenyan Shillings. You will be prompted to fill out a form where you will need to put your postal code, your year of birth, a picture of your identity card among others.

You will then click on the “Sell” option and you will be prompted to add a payment method
Click on it and continue with the process
Fill in the details of your card number and other details
Then “Add card

”Now go back to the “buy and sell” option and click on sell. Make sure to choose Cardano on the sell option. You will notice that your payment method has also been added.

Make sure to choose the amount that you wish to get from your sale of ADA based on the amount available. For example, 400 ADA is about 20,000 Kenyan shillings so you could choose to sell 300 ADA which is about 15,000. So you put the 15,000 where it says “KES”. Then click on “sell Cardano”

You will then be able to see your order preview.
Next, click on “sell now”
You will then receive a prompt stating that your order is submitted

Click on “done”
And that’s it, You have successfully traded your ADA for Kenyan Shillings!

You should expect to get a message from your bank acknowledging the transaction and an email from coinbase.
You can clearly see the amount you expect to get in your bank account. When you click on “View sell”, your balance will be reduced based on the amount of ADA in Kenyan shillings that you decided on.

For a full writeup including screenshots, visit How to Convert $ADA to Kenyan Shillings | Lido Nation English

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Super valuable for new users in different parts of the world to understand their onramps/offramps!

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