A few Daedalus issues

So far I feel the Daedalus has the KISS principle built inside and really appreciate it. But there are some issues that annoy me.

  1. I sent some ADAs to the older address I used, from the explorer it reports that it has been received. However Daedalus data hasn’t updated at all even if I had restarted it multiple times; meanwhile, it tells that ‘Blocks synced 100%’.
    So is it normal?
    For the design, I do hope to have a button to re-sync blocks.

  2. The passphrase is only generated once and I cannot backup later. The problem is that I might saved the wrong passphrase (or may be modified unexpectedly). How do I confirm it works for restore if I have only one machine?

  3. What’s the exact version of Daedalus according to the screenshot below? The titlebar says it’s 1.0.3619 however the ‘about’ window says it’s 0.8.2.

Hi @hsxuif
Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Has your daedalus updated to show the correct balance/transactions now?
  2. We just ask that people take their time and due diligence when noting their passphrase down.
  3. Thanks for bringing this up.
    This error is fixed in the next update. Here’s a screenshot of what it will look like

    The upcoming version will have:
    -Daedalus version
    -Mac or Windows build number
    -Cardano node version


Thanks for the improvement, will try the new version!