A Mermaid learns the merits of Programming in C by a Crab

On Ada.st, one of our reasons for existing is to bring decentralized, open source social network to the masses.

You know the masses right? They’re the people IOHK is targeting, so there’s that.

To kick things off we are going to support as many instances of Masadon as we can, running alongside our Cardano servers. Masadon is a decentralized, open source social network, think Twitter but so much cooler!

Anyways, when we announced our intent we got some blowback from some here saying that the conversations on such a platform would not be worth having, we wholeheartedly disagreed.

Well, I have definitive proof, of which side of the argument I leave to you dear reader; presenting a crab going on about the merits of C to a mermaid.

Want more? Join our federated instance at Ada.st, you don’t even have to know C :grin: