A poem dedicated to the Cardano ECOSYSTEM

The root of most human predicament lies in our ability to compare
In and of itself, comparison is a useful tool but that’s not mostly the case when it is been used.
When most people make comparison, they start off with an imbalance scale of value,
either one is on the loosing end, or on the winning end

We shouldn’t forget that when making comparison in nature,
The sun is no greater than a blade of grass.
It might appear to have distinct features which gives it a unique identity but on a larger scale, they both contribute to the ever blazing beauty of nature (this is the DAO).

Each time i look at the cardano symbol,
I usually envision it as different spots in the sky, having no central control.
With each spot containing another blockchain, all running in the cardano ecosystem.
This view is out of love and inclusiveness for all blockchain spaces interoperating with each other.
I really hope we can all see the uniqueness of cardano and other blockchain projects, integrating together to help push humanity one step further in evolution.

Have a Lovelace Epoch from Africa💙.


The way of the future

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