A System to Replace Worldwide Sharemarkets and New method for Conducting IPO's


Hi all, I’m trying to construct a system that would replace worldwide sharemarkets and make IPO’s more accessible while cutting out the middle man. I have come up with a general idea of how this could work. I’m not sure if the Cardano platform would even be to support this type of thing. Maybe it needs to be altered to do so.

My general idea is that a company could sell wallet’s to initial investors with the promise that those wallets own a share in the company (possibly voting rights) and will receive dividends when the company makes profit. This method of selling ‘wallets’ could exist within a Dapp running on Cardano(?)

Anyway, please let me know what you think and offer suggestions for improvement. Obviously there are some issues to overcome, like how to protect investors from a company simply leaving with the funds, this part might need a separate system.

Here is a diagram of the system: https://imgur.com/a/yWqOs