A website requested a signature

I am connecting my CCvault wallet to a website, and to connect it that I need to sign the data.
The message shows from my CCault wallet as below:
“A website requested a signature for the below message. Please review the data before signing. Enter the wallet spending password to sign the data.”

But the problem is that the Data Preview only shows numbers and letters as below:

Dose anyone know how to check the data? Thanks.

I need to make sure there is nothing harmful before sign it.

Best Wishes,

Seems to be just a hex-encoded string:

$ echo 4578706972652d446174653a204d6f6e2c203037204d617220323032322031343a32383a343820474d547c48616e647368616b652d546f6b656e3a20542f34697371715 | xxd -r -p
Expire-Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2022 14:28:48 GMT|Handshake-Token: T/4isqq

Should be safe to sign. It’s not a transaction or something.

But would be really good if ccvault would just show that by default.

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