About ADA hacked from tricked by a fake wallet on Google Chrome add-on

Hello, My name is Lucas. I need help.
My wallet got hacked and I lost 10,521.039 ADA on 23-March-2021., just a few week ago.

I used Deadalus, an official wallet installed on window.
I accidently found a FAKE wallet on Google Chrome add-on store, link below (this is a fake app to steal your seed phrase, please don’t try your really wallet’s seed phrase with this)
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

It provided fake information pretending it is from IOHK. And I trusted straight away without any suspection, because I trust in the name of Deadalus and IOHK.

I just though it was a similar “compact” wallet like Yoroi, which also a wallet written as an add-on on Google Chrome.

I enter the phrase in the FAKE wallet, then nothing happened. I just though it was something related to my bad internet connection or an technical issue.

It was too late when I realise that my saving money spent on ADA lost to a hacker. I only have 43 ADA left as a result of staking QWENT (to help Africa people).

The detail of this hack is written below:
Transaction ID: 01a059c2f49bcff4466f19633dd4b1127bdef6db10f132263fa2225c00d6a502
My wallet address: addr1qx0cur0hy2dcjvmtsssp9j4mq2umxjxe2sq8xkhsmt3pkpxdgunu8mm9ylnsvzg0ta6ug779pkjztxspggvcahu7vhrsu9ppmh
Hacker’s wallet address: addr1qyx8lu74aaw6hul6epwtettwta07y3uf082y8s0m9yn6zzcv0leatm6a40el4jzuhjkkuh6lufrcj7w5g0qlk2f85y9s45yzc7
Date: 23/03/2021

Could someone tell me what to do? Could someone know how to track this hacker so he should be sent into jail. T.T

I tried to send email to IOHK asking for help. But it may fall into their spam filter or something, so I haven’t heard anything from them.

Please help me.
Thank you very much

edit: I have report Google about this fake app but it is still shown there. I hope there won’t be any other stupid victim like me.

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sorry to hear that :frowning:

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Sorry for your loss… Charles has mentioned setting up an anti-fraud task force within IOG… I wouldn’t expect any immediate resolutions, but if you stay involved and follow up, there may be a class action lawsuit or something like that in the future. (could take years) They are aware that there have been alot of scams, and I think they are taking some steps internally to reduce the # of scams, and press charges where/when possible. Unfortunately this is part of the risk/reward of being involved with Crypto this early. Unless the hackers are caught and they turn over the funds, it seems unlikely that you will be able to recover what was lost.


Unfortunately there is not much to be done when this occurs. If you’ve been watching crypto for a while you end up seeing a lot of this type of thing and it is rather depressing.

For the time being the best thing that can come of this aside from you keeping the information about the incident around and adding pressure to app stores that distribute scam wallets etc. is consumer awareness. People in general need to understand that this technology is still new and rapidly developing, and so they need to be extremely careful in how they handle their property. There are things that will come eventually which hopefully make this less common such as multi-factor wallet access but right now that is not implemented in e.g. Daedalus.

Using a hardware wallet goes a long, long way if you don’t understand how to keep funds safe. That also poses its own challenges. The bottom line is anyone investing in cryptocurrencies absolutely must do research on how to protect themselves. Adding better security to these protocols is not always simple, it is certainly on the roadmap but it takes time and a lot of other things need to be added also. Human resources are a constant bottleneck.

I’m sorry for your loss, the best thing you can do is learn from it, try to help educate others like yourself and keep abreast of how you can protect yourself in the future.

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Thank you everyone.
I am still ok. I was just hoping there is someway that those hackers out there should be threaten by something.
I did report to the app store. I hope they can remove it soon, so everyone will be safe

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Hi @lucas31 ,

I am so sorry to hear you loss. Thank you for your effort to contact the app store. Hope no more people get into this problem. Wish you a good day then.