About Roadmaps and Milestones in innovation

Being a passionate innovation leader in ‘established industry‘ since many years, I want to remark that walking the hard road of invention and engineering is nothing specific or new to Cardano.

Success or failure most often depends on the strength and endurance of the people behind such projects. Just as Thomas A. Edison wrote in retrospective: “The electric light has caused me the greatest amount of study and has required the most elaborate experiments. I was never myself discouraged, or inclined to be hopeless of success. I cannot say the same for all my associates.”

We tend to forget this, after things started to work and became part of our every-day life. Good things typically take a tremendous amount of time and need to go through countless ups and downs before reaching maturity. Congratulations, I am always impressed of how Charles, the team and the wider community maneuvers the Cardano ship through these stormy waters of early childhood. My deep respect.

What are your thoughts about this ?