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If you are new to Cardano, this is the place to start to read information and ask questions.


I’ve finally gotten accepted at GDAX from Coinbase; can I use fiat money on GDAX to buy ETC so I can invest in ADA on Binance?


Exactly. Otherwise you can also use Bittrex.


I’m having a problem sending Cardano to Binance. it says my spending password is incorrect.


Hi, just new here in this community. Just roaming around and reading post so I could learn new things in here. Just to ask where would the best trading platform I could buy ADA? Thanks


Plebe the answer is yes… the only problem is all those annoying fees to buy Eth, move your Eth to Binance, then buy ADA. but yes Happy trading or staking


Thanks. I’ve already bought some at Binance, and it looks like ADA is doing very well indeed.


cf_jonmoss suggestion: in the sticky post include some initial links for people that are just getting started.


can’t say which platform is ‘best’ as i’ve used so few. i use binance to trade ETH for my ADA. when moving them from binance to Daedalus wallet i was only charged a 1 ADA fee (which was 27c today, bargain time!).



If I have lost the password and seed of a wallet but still have the wallet.
Can I send the ADA to another wallet after the creation of a paper wallet?



If you lost just your seed you could create a new wallet and transfer your ADA’s but you should find out your password to be able to transfer!