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Thanks @maki.mukai for creating this.

I have a question you may not know the answer to.

I and some community members are starting a website relating to a movement to spread awareness and adoption of Cardano from a less techy, more cool (not that coding isn’t cool, but I feel we’re currently heavy on appealing to coders and light on appealing to the public) and edgy angle. Here is a rough draft of one of our ideas:


This explains the deeper meaning:

I think “Order without Rulers” represents Cardanos credo perfectly.

The question is: In lieu of funding from the Cardano foundation thus far, may we use the Cardano and ADA logos to sell merchandise to fund the movement? It’s not for profit, with the goal to spread the Cardano gospel. How tight is Cardano and IOHK on the trademark issue?

We wouldn’t want regulation to slow progress, now would we? :wink:

Here’s the new official image


Dear Zenman, thanks! Please see our trademark policy and guidelines here for further info: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/legal/trademark-policy/

I trust this is useful - as the policy states, please do reach out for further and specific questions (there is an email link in the policy).

I hope that helps and best wishes! :slight_smile: