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Hi from New York!:heart:
Looking forward to Cardano progression.


Hi all!
I’m Branislav from Croatia. I love math and I believe that this project is a hit!


Hello, Sean here. Love the project.

I am having some trouble with my Daedalus wallet reaching the network at the moment, not sure why or where to look for answers so will start hunting through the forum.


Welcome @bkonjevi @bpcap :smiley: Great to have you here!


Decided to do a name change, thanks for the mention but would you mind deleting my old name out please?

Thanks - Sean.


Done! :slight_smile: Welcome again!


Hello from Sydney Australia. Really glad I found ADA:australia:


Welcome @Dunedoo_au :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’m from Saskatchewan Canada and very excited to be involved with this amazing Cardano project! A great future is unfolding!


Welcome @DanielB Dan :slight_smile:


Hi Jon! I am new from Tennessee, USA and currently in Japan. I click on “please click here” but the site keeps kicking me back to the Introduce yourself homepage. Can you help?



Hi, Rob, from New Zealand, keen to learn about Cardano/ada etc


Hello, I’m from New Mexico.


Hey all BlackX here from northern Cali, I need more Crypto so I can afford to live in such a rich state or poor…LOL


Greetings from Serbia…Great to be part of this solid project.World needs Cardano!Igor


Hi from damp miserable Ireland :ireland:. Delighted to be here. Looking forward to the future of the Cardano platform. Excellent project and team. Really enjoyed all the whiteboard presentations. Love the approach. Here for the long haul :grin:


Hi Pete from the Channel Islands, believe it or not I had lunch with a member of the Cardano foundation today, a really nice guy and confirmation of why I’m really excited by this incredible project.


Hi I’m Lucas from Belgium, I’m a long term blockchain investor and I hope to be a part of Cardano’s success!


Hi I’m Hanfei from China, Shanghai. I’m a haskell developer and I am very impressed about the cardano source code, I think if you guys can write these code, you must be serious about what you are doing, it’s kind of “Proof Of Code”:grinning:



i’m based in Hong Kong and i’m interested to help Cardano thrive. Let me know how i can assist…