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Thank you, Sean.


Hi from New Zealand

Hi My name is Evert I’m a newbie and this system looks to be the most advanced, going on into the future. Might I add friendly too.

Hello from Florida. Go Cardano!

Hello fellow Cardano fans. I’m Clyde, a London Boy of 20 years, originally from the Philippines. After reading, researching and listening to Charles H. (The Boss), I am very optimistic about the ADA project and the future in general. I beg Charles to make Philippines his next destination…Philippines needs Cardano, it has massive problem with its ID System, electoral process is a complete mess, Land Titling is hopeless, there are millions of unused, unmoved, undeveloped properties due to land ownership disputes. Bank interest rates and microfinance rates are SKY HIGH. Unequal distributions of wealth, Rich get richer, poor gets even poorer. Farmers, fishermen, ordinary constructions workers, taken advantage by micro lenders.
Filipinos all over the world in all disciplines including myself, maids/nannies, construction workers, factory workers, drivers, Seafarers, teachers, midwives, nurses, doctors, engineers, scientists works very hard to send money to their families back home. Remittances from all these hardworking Filipinos help the Philippines GDP afloat, yet the gov’t are helpless to reduce REMITTANCES FEES, which are ridiculously high.
I’m hopeful for the future with Cardano in the developing world, I think it will massively improve ordinary peoples lives…a LIFE that ordinary families and children can eat 3 meals a day, send the kids to school with full stomach, and wakes up every morning with a smile in their faces knowing that life is not too bad at all!

Dear Friend,
I have activated the red flag by mistake - i supposed it does not represent something beneficial and I am sorry for my flaw. I am new to Cardano, and also to “forum posts” - my first one (if I skip my yesterday’s reply to the Cardano robot assistance, I also asked him a question, but he did not bother or be able to make a responce).

I have only wanted to tell that I had also not been able to find “an entry point” to introduce myself - and tried to get an opportunity to enter the forum/or assistance in this matter with a reply to someone’s post, since I was not comfortable to watch other’s posts as some secret servise’s agent.

My chosen nickname (I like it more that the given one) is Nataraya, i enjoy well structured and orderly presented Cardano platform, trustworthy cardano team, and very friendly and polite cardano community.

I have lots of difficulties with my IT illiteracy, however I managed to be - for now - a modest participant in the cardano project, with the assistance of other person. I am very worried about IT security, especially due to my IT ignorance, and I would kindly ask the Cardano team to arange the ADA’s acceptance by the LEDGER Nano S.

I feel much gratitude and being obliged to many Cardano members, who share advices and information and take care for others who lack the neccessary knowledge, but have been strongly attracted to the crypto world, Cardano especially.

Please, excuse me for the red flag - i did not explore yet, what does it mean, I suppose objection or allert?

Thanks to all, the Cardano team and the Cardano community,
I wish you all possible success and much joy with the Cardano project.


oi sou francisco queria saber mais sobre o crescimento da ADA

I am Dirk and I live in Belgium. Install Yoroi perfectly.
And can put some ADA on it.

Now I try to send ADA to Binance, then they ask the “spending password

oops where can I find that password? or what password do they mean?
Ps my Dutch translated with google, haha

Big wussup from ADAb0y in New Hampshire- Been a Cardano Forum reader for over a year but never posted. Long-term ADA holder for over a year now- top 10% holders-club member, :wink: (90th percentile of all ADA holders, and damn proud of it!!!) Much love to the community and may the coming year be everything we’ve been waiting for. I had thought 2018 would have been our year, but unfortunately many delays have ensued but it now seems as though our time is now coming- once Shelley drops, the world will change, :-).


Marcia from Mexico City. Love Cardano!!!

Hello everyone from Brisbane Australia.

Hello everyone, I’m here to learn more about Cardano

Hello everyone, I’m new here. My name is Leo (I know the name is already outdated, but what do if my parents are retrogrades)) I work with testers on every technique and compare it, for example (my current quest) If you ask anything, I will help if I know. Here to relax and chat)

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Hello @Leo_Pold, welcome to the forum!

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Hello !!! I am Satoshi Nakamoto… just kidding… I do not have the private key of the first block so I cannot generate the same signature… I am an engineer with 26+ years in R&D … Checking Cardano protocol, looking for benchmarks like the TPS and deciding what kind of application I can do with Cardano (besides my investments in the coin of course)…

hola desde monterrey,nuevo leon,Mexico. Realmente me entusiasma de haber encontrado ADA

Hello! My name is Blake! I am an investor from Houston. I invest in amazing business ideas from ordinary people! I have become very successful in doing this and am now looking into new things! I am also currently in law school hoping to pursue my life long career dream of becoming a [lawyer)! I am fascinated with running [cases] and really just [laws] in general! Glad to be here!

I was born in Tampa and grew up in Boynton Beach!

Does anyone from Atlanta know of any good restaurants? Going up there this weekend for an investment meeting!

Old guy who who loves what God has done for his life & wants to bless his grandchildren with a Cardano tokens. Ex aerospace production engineer, business builder with 43 years of investing experience, disabled vet with lots of questions and a great deal of concern about where crypto is going.

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