Absolute newby with time to help

I’m 55 years old retired socialworker from Bielefeld, Germany
I am here becourse the cardano network seems to me to be very resource-conserving and ecologically sustainable.
So I would like to find out if there is a possibility here to actively support the community, e.g. by writing information texts or the like (in German)
So if someone knows something to do for a social worker in early retirement, please contact me.


Welcome to the community, sir.

It’s a pleasure to have you here!

Let’s change the world :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Adaismus4you Great! Your contribution will be appreciated by the community.

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Hello @Adaismus4you and welcome to our community!

I’m always happy to see some german speaking members. :slight_smile:


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Dear @rodri,
thank you very much for your message.

I am a little proud that I managed to install Daedalus on a Linux system. And have noticed that the instructions for this are patchy. If I could help, I would be very happy.



Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
Sustainable practices are a very important focus in the world today, maybe you could focus a little on finding the right info about how our cardano protocol measures up against the rest of the blockchains in place and translate that info, the effect of digital transmission to convey transactions is very much overlooked in the world and goes mostly unnoticed - yet it does have an impact on Society and cardano is a sustainable path forward as it takes very little energy to compute the transactions on the blockchain, I hope you find some great research and articles to translate if you choose to follow my suggestion, hope to see you around :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and welcome @Adaismus4you,

glad to see you here. If you’d like to connect with the German speaking Cardano community we just started this new area in the forum: https://forum.cardano.org/c/deutsch

If you are more into Telegram check our German speaking group on https://t.me/CardanoGermanOfficial

Greetings from near the Black Forrest.:wave:


Your English great und und wahrscheinlich ist Ihr Deutsch besser.

I hope IOHK hires people like you to translate academic papers written for blockchain academics into language that systems administrators, financial experts, and coders can understand. Make them all sit down around a table and explain things over and over until you understand, then write down what you learn for the rest of us. Oh, and please use something other than LaTeX. Some pretty pictures would be nice, too.

(Not trying to be a pain; I mean this post quite seriously.)

Thank you, this idea sounds really good. I will start collecting information on this topic.

Welcome @Adaismus4you. Glad to have you on board.