Accepted shortened version of a 'Lovelace'?


Is there an accepted short form name for the ‘Lovelace’ denomination? Bitcoin Satoshi’s are ‘Sats’ for instance.

One ‘Lol’ or many ‘Lols’?
One ‘Lov’ or many ‘Lovs’?
One ‘Lace’ or many ‘Laces’?

What do the IOHK/Emurgo/Foundation guys call them?


Very interesting :+1:


Personally I like “laces”.


how about “ace”


I like this one.
One ‘Ace’ or many ‘Aces’?

Alignes nicely with the original intention of the project :slight_smile:


Ten Aces is a Lovel.


We’re getting somewhere now…


“Love” would be nice.

“Please, give me some Love…”


Lovelace is good enough to have its own ticker—LVL


One unit = ace
Many = acres
Next denomination
One = lace
Many =laces


I like “lov” :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: