Accepting ADA payments

I have a medical practice and would like start accepting ADA for Co-Pays / fees. Is there anything out there for this yet?


This seems worth checking out:


I would not use ADA for payment but some ADA backed stable coin which I do not think it will happen till Q3 next as the earliest, but I think next Christmas or the beginning of 2022 is more realistic.

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Hi Chihuahua,
I’m working with several ACO’s, MCO’s, and TPAs and we are working on something that may be of interest to you. Care to set up a call?

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Thank you for your thoughts on this.

I think this is a good solution for accepting ada payments if you do not want to do a lot of integration work yourself: Accept Shopify Cryptocurrency Payments with NOWPayments


So i read the shopify article,it’s interesting - maybe I’m being dumb here, but why not just accept payments by publishing your wallet address and letting people send you ADA that way? This is in fact how I’m setting up some charities that I’m working with to ‘accept ADA’.

I see your point but on the other side e-commerce sites tend to automate things and that doesn’t work well if you monitor an address manually. Also, you want to send invoices, have accounting, etc.

Great point, thank you! I think the automated receipts/invoices is key, along with other accounting. Makes perfect sense. I’m going to try out shopify and see the process through. Thanks!