Accidentally delegating my ada twice to the same pool

My username is Erick Hunter on Sunday 2/14/2021 i accidentally delegated my ada twice to the same pool and now my available funds says i have 0.0000000 ada and my transaction history is -8,8,830 ada

have i been hacked!? nobody knows my seed phrases but me by accidentally delegating my ada twice to the same pool did this leave my ada wallet to be vulnerable to hackers?

i feel really stupid and dejected can someone please explain to me what happened :pensive: i don’t know who to reach out to in the cardano cyrpto space


What application did u used? Delegating to a pool not meaning to send ada out from ur wallet;

Did u downloaded any dubious application?


it’s my yoroi wallet from the Google store app

did not download my yoroi wallet from a dubious website or store


Because on google store there is a fake daedalus app which will steal ur seed words if u downloading…

Regarding ur lost, did u checked if in ur transaction history dashboard if there is any dubios transaction which was performed?


i just checked the Google play store and sadly your right the daedalus wallet i download isn’t there anymore i checked real quick and didn’t see the same bull logo