Actual Distributed Exchange on a Blockchain

My question is whether there are any actual examples that are working now. For Cardano it should be possible once certain milestones are passed, it that correct?

Given my experience around some financial markets and traders, I would think they are reluctant to move into the space in a big way because they can’t reliably access the market and accurate prices when the market is volatile. Their ability to hedge and lock in positions with excess or limited volatility would represent a huge trading and settlement risk. They can’t even think to offer futures or interest baring instruments in the current digital exchange contexts.

The flip side is opportunity if you can get some knowledge or other advantage. If you are part of running a digital exchange, I would think this are many opportunities to use information about flows through your exchange to both protect the exchange financially are commit great fraud or post big losses if things go badly. Depending on you intent the same actions might be criminal or conned.