ADA #12 on TMC vs invictus capital

In the past. I complained about many things about Cardano
But today we lost another place at TMC ranking. WE ARE NOW #12

As you maybe know, it exist Crypto-Index based on top 10 crypto price.

Most of them based their index on top 10 and some company invest in these index like

Now that we are #12 Cardano is OUT of this index, which mean no more incoming investment.

Another sad ADA story

if such money wants to toss their millions willy-nilly at the “top 10 only”, it shows their lack of skill in investing.

anyone putting such massive funds at work in “the crypto space” will not simply toss them ratio’d across the top ten in market cap and stop there, no, they will spend months and years making a “curated list” of cryptos (of varied market caps) and invest in those.

such an index fund might work, but if it did, it would not be based on picking good crypto projects. it’s a gimmick for those investors who don’t want to understand their coins, but simply want a piece of the “crypto” action, if/when the entire market comes alive again.

ADA wont miss them when they are gone, and wont mind them when they return.

I hope you are right. But, 20 years of my experience investing in stock, I found that many of the big cap fund manager focusing on big cap stock. Because, they don’t want to put too much risk. Frankly speaking, ADA is good project but walk really slow. I mean really really slow.

Anyway, Nos, I thought you’re leaving Cardano? Do you re-invest in this project? or you just wasting your time in here?


So they are going to invest in tether and faketoshis bitcoin sv now because they are in top 10 and cardano isnt? I dont think people with that much money are that stupid.


Well, like it or not. That s***coin market cap is bigger than Cardano. Live is full of surprises