ADA Airdrop event is that valid or true?

I was join telegram group Cardano Official Community that gave airdrop event, you can see their rules at [Link removed by @Zyroxa]
Step1: Make sure you have at least 2,000 ADA or above in your wallet.

Step2: Enter the amount you wish to invest below.

Step3: Enter the ADA address you want to receive your bonus.

Step4: Click the “Generate Payment” button to generate the payment address.

Step5: Send the amount you entered to the generated address.

Step6: Wait for at least 5 – 10 minutes after your transaction is confirmed.

The 3X bonus will be sent to the address you entered or the one you sent the ADA from.

No there arent any airdrops or giveaways! Those are always scams!

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Than you Zyroxa for the information, i think ADA need to inform others to be careful

More like people need to read the safety alerts , also part of welcome messages 100 times a day…but they somehow ignore those, and filter only the giveaway and free money talks (in spite of everyone repeating there is none). For telegram, welcome messages in all official groups also ask you to update your telegram privacy settings so that you cannot be added to random groups