ADA/ETH Technical Prediction

(4h chart, Binance)

ADA/ETH seems that has had a downward pressure that found resistance around 0.00055eth where a previous cluster/value (red) was established.
Now I see the situation weaker than stronger and would expect the price to test downward and go back to find value in the previous yellow cluster area at around 0.00040eth - 0.00030eth, once all the people that bought around >0.00055 release.

Could also just jump up from there, the area has been attacked and resisted (even though not convincingly) in the past. But I see more people being squeezed from a move down than a move up.

Soon this accumulating at 0.00055 will end (probably when Volume picks up after holidays), and I was wondering if there are any news or events in the horizon(both from ADA ot ETH) that could make the balance shift one way or the other?

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How did you create the graph?
If it’s a result of some web application, could you share the link, please.

@p-alik the chart if from

for the rectangles I edited the image myself