ADA from to Yoroi wallet missing

Can you people help me to get my ADA to Yoroi wallet.



How much did u transfered?

First transaction 8.11.21 at 12.43
300,03 ADA

Second transaction 8.11 at 16.67
299,44 ADA


As you can see in one of the block explorers, 299.23 ₳ (which is exactly 300.03 ₳ minus the 0.8 ₳ withdrawal fee of of that transaction went to the address addr1qyxtutlclm56yf0tfzgu6fp6lrc0524cyajtq6qlec2d7gm66e7atsnz78d52pzrcr4sf35qquc27gugl7dg3q6uwmxst04lmc.

If this is one of the addresses of your wallet, the ADA should be there (actually have been there, since they have been moved out of that account since then). If it was not one of the addresses of your wallet, something went quite wrong there. Do you still have the address that you told to send the ADA to?

Ok. Thanks for clearifying this. I am newbie to this :slight_smile:

Another transaction:



I still think i am missing some ADA from my Yoroi wallets

// kai

OK, then in some more detail:

First transaction can be seen here:

Second transaction can be seen here:

Both are quite typical exchange withdrawal transaction. Addresses with a large amount of ADA send rather small amounts to a couple of addresses (the ones withdrawn to) and most of it back as change to another address that also belongs to the exchange.

For the first, 299.23 ₳ (300.03 ₳ – 0.8 ₳) went to: addr1qyxtutlclm56yf0tfzgu6fp6lrc0524cyajtq6qlec2d7gm66e7atsnz78d52pzrcr4sf35qquc27gugl7dg3q6uwmxst04lmc
For the second, 298.64 ₳ (299.44 ₳ – 0.8 ₳) went to: addr1q9vmwd9ka0v7qyjwclsktrnwm25ytha2s8ma0ktxk3cqxsdgrdnq636s4vn090jjwwydxkm8m5drdktwm4r2m02rxx5s0vwtpc
(which is also exactly the address reports in your screenshot)

So, has paid out your ADA to some addresses. Do you have any way of finding out, which addresses you gave them? You copy-pastet them from the “Receive” tab of Yoroi, didn’t you?

If the ADA didn’t reach your wallet, they must have been manipulated on the way. There are some possibilities for that: There are faked versions of Yoroi, which could display other people’s addresses instead of yours. There could be some malware in your browser exchanging the address when pasting or submitting it to Although it is much more unlikely, there could be something wrong server-side at the exchange (but why paying out the exactly correct amount to a wrong address then?).

FWIW, the first withdrawal went to this address:

The “Controlled Stake” field tells you that not much of it is still in this wallet/account. Together with the transactions on

(which belongs to the same account), it looks like a token “PaviaPlus85Plus39” was bought with it.

The second withdrawal went to:

And it basically still sits in this account with roughly 26k ADA in it.