ADA from TRUST wallet to DAEDALUS

be careful to scams, if u are going on telegrams group
question u can’t convert ada in another currency in order to move tthem o another exchange like coinmama and convert back in ADA on coinmama? Coinmama doesn’t support shelley but you can support ADA in yoroi (byron wallet) and after you will move in yoroi shelley wallet.


In combination with the official Yoroi or Daedalus wallet you could also use a hardware wallet. Like or Trezor. This increases the secrity.

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I do not understand the difference between Shelley and Byron and Ada. Do you recommend an article that explains it?

Byron = the legacy era of Cardano
Shelley = the current era of Cardano
ADA = the token of Cardano


The BEP2 chain is a Binance chain for using the Binance, smart contract ecosystem. BEP2 ADA is not actually ADA. Think of it as an ADA stable coin that keeps a value equivalent to ADA. Therefore I think you should be able to move it back to Binance exchange where I think it will be treated as equivalent to ADA. Given that you’re now in the U.S., you’ll need to set up a basic account on (not, where you can trade ADA after a minimal amount of KYC verification. And yes, you will need a small amount of Binance coin in your trust wallet to move the ADA BEP2 back to I’m not sure if you’re familiar with ERC20 tokens, but the BEP2 network works the same way with Binance token taking the place of ETH.

And the next step, as people have pointed out above, is to download Daedalus and/or Yoroi from official sites. Both are very user friendly in my opinion, and Deadalus has somewhat more functionality at this point, but is also a lot slower to start up as it contains a copy of the whole blockchain that has to be updated periodically.

I’m pretty new to Cardano myself, but here is a discussion of the Cardano roadmap of overlapping eras that’s very informative and fascinating in my view: Byron - Cardano Roadmap

And ADA is the name of the Cardano protocol’s native coin, and it was named after the programmer Mary “Ada” Lovelace. And the Mary hard fork which you’ll be hearing about soon if you haven’t already is about the introduction of other native tokens to the Cardano ecosystem. Mary is currently underway on the test net and other native tokens and the expanded functionality that comes with them will soon be transitioned to the mainnet, at which point we’ll be able to store other Cardano native tokens in our Daedalus and Yoroi wallets.

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Buenos días, cómo están:
me genera una duda para pasar ADA a la billetera de Deadalus, ya que mantengo en otra billetera y quiero tenerla en la billetera oficial pero cuando se indica “receive” despliega una cantidad de direcciones. ¿Cuál es la correcta? Porque con otras billeteras u otras plataformas es una sola dirección.
Agradezco la información, saludos cordiales desde Uruguay

Reciba ada a la billetera Daedalus

  1. En su billetera, haga clic en ** Recibir **.

  1. Seleccione la dirección que desea usar para recibir fondos. Las direcciones en gris son direcciones que se han utilizado antes. Para facilitar su uso, puede hacer clic en ** Copiar dirección ** para agregar la dirección seleccionada a su portapapeles.

  2. Comparta la dirección con la persona que le enviará los fondos, o con nosotros mismos para enviar ada desde otra billetera a Daedalus.

para más información haga clic aquí



Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta, saludos cordiales

Muchas gracias, ya tengo mis ADA en la billetera Deadalus!!!
En éste caso creo que lo mejor es hacer Satcking en la billetera oficial de Cardano, por lo tanto dejo una consulta en cuanto a si hay algún pool que la comunidad recomiende, muchas gracias

Puedo recomendar el mío :))


Estimado, gracias por tu información. Te hago otra consulta, si quiero recibir más monedas en esta billetera puedo seguir usando la misma dirección aunque los fondos provengan desde otra billetera diferente a la que utilicé en esta transacción? o debo optar por otra dirección de recepción? Gracias

claro que si.
¡pero se recomienda usar una nueva dirección por cada transacción!

Thank you for all of that! I’m sorry I am a little mixed up.
I thought I was buying the ADA coin when I bought it with Binance (in China). Did I actually buy the ADA stable coin??
Or do you mean that because I transferred ADA out of Binance on the BEP2 Binance chain to the Trust wallet, it turned from the actual ADA coin into the ADA stable coin?
I appreciate you trying to explain it to me.
Also, I cannot open a Binance US account because it is not available to NY residents yet.

I think u used the Binance network when u transfered ur ADA; this meaning ur ada are in bep2 network (Binance chain) not in cardano network (if I wrong someone correct me); now… u must find somehow to send them back to a binance account (you can ask a non us friend or… I don’t know) or I don’t know if u can convert inside the trust wallet to another currency;


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Yep, as Alex said, this issue arose from transferring it on the Binance blockchain rather than the Cardano blockchain. Technically, I think when you transfer coins on the BEP2 chain, it converts them to a ADA value equivalent token native to the BEP2 blockchain. I think it works something like wrapped bitcoin if you’re familiar with how that works. But as Alex suggested, I think is the hub you’ll need to send the (BEP2) ADA back to, and there I it’ll automatically convert back to standard ADA, and you’ll be able to withdraw it via the Cardano blockchain to a Cardano wallet. When you withdraw anything from Binance, it gives you a dropdown menu where you can select which blockchain to send a token on. The fee for sending things on the Cardano chain is currently usually 1 ADA, whereas the fee on other chains is measured in BNB, ETH, etc.


I don’t know if it’s ok to say it but I have a binance account and I can help you; I don’t know if it’s the proper way but… this is all I can do for you

Or wait for Binance US

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I was too quick to send it out of Binance and used wrong blockchain darn it!. Thanks for blockchain explanation. It has been hard for me to verbalize, but I think essentially what I want is THE EASIEST WAY to get the ADA out of Trust wallet to somewhere it can be converted back to ADA on Cardano block chain so that, if I want to, I can participate in staking. Are you sure that if I can get the ADA from Trust wallet to Binance US it does automatically convert back to standard ADA? It would make it so much easier if Binance would open up in NYC.

Thank you for all of your help and the wrapped Bitcoin reference. I read about it, which made me feel a little better, because I had been feeling like all was lost with the imposter ADA in the Trust wallet, which I hope is not the case.

Thank you! I think for the time being I will continue to try and sort it out and not get your Binance account involved, but that is so nice of you to offer. I really do appreciate your help so much.

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Your ADA are not lost just that they are in another network… will be easy to fix this once u will have access to

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Could you please tell me what the official sources are for downloading Daedalus and Yoroi wallets?