ADA in 3 locations, can i wait to move it? Do i need ot move it?

I still consider myself a newbie after 10+ months of accumulating ADA so unsure if i need to do anything prior to Shelley going live and the snapshot being taken.


  1. From Feb - Aug i bought on Binance and put all my ADA on a Nano S
  2. Since Sept i have bought more ADA on Binance U.S. and left it in that account.
  3. 3-4 days ago i created a Daedalus Wallet and transferred some into it from Binance US just so i had the updated Daedalus Wallet.

Question: I guess i am asking if i can choose to do nothing right now and i will still own the ADA i have accumulated and in a month or two join a staking pool once i am more comfortable and feel i know what i’m doing.

I am appreciative for anyone taking time to help answer my newbie question. I’m getting there slowly but surely!

I did order my IOHK & Cardano shirts to wear around town and at work - I live in Longmont, CO so hoping Charles may see local folks supporting the vision!

Hello Dully59,

Thank you for reaching out, I recently wrote an article which I feel may answer your questions and a bit more of an understanding: