ADA intrawallet transfer Yoroi to Yoroi

For reasons I won’t into, a month ago I transferred a portion of my ADA out of a Yoroi wallet I named Frank’s First Shelley Wallet (which is delegated to a stake pool) to a new Yoroi wallet: Frank’s Non-Staking Wallet (which obviously is not delegated to a stake pool). I’m trying to move my tokens back. In fact, I have tried twice. The tokens have remained in the Non-Staking Wallet. Both wallets are standard Shelley wallets.

I do notice that when I sent ADA from the first wallet to the second, the transaction type says “ADA sent,” but when I tried to send it back, the transaction type says “ADA intrawallet transaction.”

So, what hoop haven’t I jumped through to accomplish the transfer back?

Sorry, I left out the procedure I followed. I copied the address of the wallet I wanted to send to, went to the sending wallet and pasted that address into the field box labeled “Receiver,” entered the amount, and entered my spending password for the sending wallet.

It worked in one direction but not the other.

At least I know I haven’t lost the tokens. That would suck.

Ugh. And also left out that both wallets are on the same computer, same Chrome browser. But why should that matter?

An-n-n-n-d now I’ve just tried again. It worked this time. Transferred funds from one wallet to the other. Don’t know what I did wrong, or what gremlin was in the system. But everything is back in my staking wallet.