ADA not arrived at Yoroi wallet and tx id non existent

Hi all…I just recently transferred some ADA to my Yoroi wallet purchased from my local exchange same as usual but this time it has not arrived. I have checked the address on explorer and it does exist but showing zero transaction and TX ID it does not exist. Any ideas? TIA

Are you using Yoroi on mobile?

No the Yoroi Chrome browser extension on laptop

How long did you wait so far?

about 2 hours so far

Did you check your public address with a explorer? is there the wanted transaction or not?

the transaction isnt there no…When I click on the TX ID link on the exchange withdraw history it comes up 404 page doesnt exist.

Imo try to connect with the helpdesk from the exchange.

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ok yes I will try that see if they can help. Thanks Zyroxa

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Will this update delete our existing wallets in the app? I’m asking because I don’t have the recovery phrase and I’m having the same issues.

No wallets will be removed with an update! But anyway make sure that you creat a new wallet if you dont have your seed anymore!