ADA Price in perceptive of Small Pool VS Big Pool

This topic is just for reading purpose only. Definitely not financial advise.
I’ve always cheer if the ADA price soar and looking forward to $2. But, as a SPO. I really wish I load up more ADA back then.
The train have leave the station. Then I have this crazy idea, How about if the train are going back to station? Is it great?
Hell ya, I will load up a lot of ADA to make sure that I can generate 1 block every epoch, to maintain our minimal cost.
I think many small pool will think the same (I saw a comment about how hard to fulfill the 25,000ADA to get CF delegation) maybe this will solve some small pool problem.
And for big pool, the idea of going back to station is not so good. This is not good because, it will lower the entry barrier for new pool to come and join the gang.
Feel free to agree or disagree. I still believe that Crypto has it’s cycle between bull and bear. Let’s see how far we go in bear season.

I think we will have LESS pools if the price drops significantly in a bear market. Or at least the rate of growth will slow down. We have seen this recently, the price of ada increases and the number of pools increase just as fast.

of course, any market has bull and bear markets.