ADA removed from Daedalus wallet - hacked

12 word recovery for daedalus?

try do restore the wallet on using the 12 seed words… do u see any balance?

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Did you store your seed in a digital format? Stored it on cloud or on your phone?
Did you download the daedalus mobile app (which is a scam, no mobile daedalus app exists).

In my case it was probably the picture stored on a third part app on my phone.

It’s important to figure it out which caused tha unwanted transfer of adas


Thank you Alexd1985, I know it can´t be blocked… just " would like " that it could be blocked. I took my lessons and keep going…

For sure… I´m trying but still confused here. I´ve stored my Yoroi-Daedalus keys among different other wallet keys, but no problems in those wallets.
Yoroi was my first (and last) google chrome extension-based wallet.

Whish y’all the best.

I don’t think they used otherwise the spending password should be changed… something is happening here and must be discovered where is the issue… what app allows them to connect and steal the funds

Yes…(My bad) but,

and that is why I have some doubts about the way how I was hacked. Probably, I’ll never know.

No balance… It does say it’s an incompatible Shelley wallet though.

I’m really confused, don’t know what to do next!

All I know is I purchased 85€ of ADA in 2018. If I set up the wallet correctly, which I assume I must’ve done as I received a 12-word recovery phrase, however - the screen shot (which I took at the time) of the 12 word phrase actually shows no balance at Daedelus.

No one seems to be able to assist here, except I am being told that the recovery phrase is incorrect, yet it can’t be!

I’m really at a loss…

do u have the old pc/laptop where u installed daedalus first time?

Using it here & now.

do u have the files from the old daedalus wallet?

I was told to delete those and create a new wallet via Daedelus? I will have on a backup for sure.

Alex - thank you for helping, you really are a lone light in this!

try to locate the secret.key file from the old/byron wallet

Daedalus state directory

The state directory is where Daedalus stores a user’s wallets, their settings and preferences, and a copy of the Cardano blockchain. The location of the state directory varies depending on the operating system:




/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Daedalus



The secret.key file

The secret.key file contains the private keys for all of a user’s Daedalus wallets. If users have lost their wallet recovery phrases, they can still use the secret.key file to import wallets, even without a full state directory backup. Without the full state directory, however, Daedalus will not be able to import wallet names, making it harder to match wallets with spending passwords. Users importing from just a secret.key file will need to try their known spending passwords against all imported wallets to correctly identify them.

The secret.key file is located in a subdirectory named Secrets-1.0 on Windows and macOS platforms, and a Secrets subdirectory on Linux, within the state directory location for each operating system.

Ok, I have one here which was updated in 2020. Shall I try using that first? It’s in a ‘Secrets 1.0’ folder. How do I use this?

open new daedalus, go to import from file option, select secret.key and load the secret.key file

going to try that right now… I guess if this one doesn’t work, I can check a backup? May god if this works I owe you.

It will but you will still need the spending password in order to move the funds to a new shelley wallet

I hope you have it, otherwise you will need to remember it

the 12 word phrase?

nope, the spending password, when u created the wallet u set a wallet name and a password

Oh yes, I know what that is.

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where is this?