Believe it or not but I’ve just discovered it as well and then saw your message :grinning: It is a bug indeed I am working on it now and explorer will require another full re-sync after the fix :sweat: Thank you for the notice anyway!


i dont know if its reasy to find out but i think i accidently gave away 1000000 of ada for free and i kinda got in trouble with debt i thought i traded i had no idea i dont know what to do can i track the adresses some how is it possible at all to get the ada back?

Really sorry to hear that, sounds like a horrible position to be in, but the best way to get any help that is possible is to start a new topic, so there’s no confusion with other issues. Good luck!


I noticed that Adascan has been offline recently. Is it permanently gone?

Yes, they did tweet about not receiving support from community wrt delegations, referring to 1PCT as an example. The telegram group and the owner’s account, alongwith the website is now offline.

Pity that. I daresay that not many people would’ve seen those tweets or even knew that they were running their own stake pool.

Agree, hopefully this does not become a pattern, and community contributors for tools widely popular who might not be up for marketing or using glittery lies do not have to follow the suite