Added Ledger Nano S Wallet - 0 ADA and No Transactions Showing


I recently moved my ADA from a standard Shelley wallet to a hardware wallet (Leger Nano S). Everything was fine and my ADA accurately appeared in my wallet in both my PC and Android Yorio apps.

This morning I wanted to add the wallet to an additional computer so I went through the same process and successfully added my new wallet to Yoroi (MS Edge), however, this time, my ADA balance is showing as zero, says I have not staked any ADA, and there are no transactions in the wallet. This is not accurate.

Screenshots: YOROI Problem - Album on Imgur
Occasionally, I see a large red banner that says there is some kind of server sync error and that my ADA balance and other info might not be accurate until the server issue is resolved. It shows only briefly then disappears.

When I go to the “Receive” tab and click a wallet address, it shows the correct information on Cardanoscan.

Additionally, the same wallet in my Android Yoroi app is also showing the same inaccuracies (zero ADA, no staked ADA, and no transactions) and briefly shows a warning about a synchronization error.

Not really sure what’s going on here. I’m concerned but I feel confident that I’ve done everything correctly and since this is a hardware wallet, I feel like it’s impossible that I have somehow been compromised.

Could be indeed yoroi synchronization issues, have patience… u can always check the balance as an alternative on - HW wallet - method webUSB

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Thanks! Will do. Appreciate the input.