ADMINS: easy for job$$$ ≠ good for community

Concerns from the community continue to remain unaddressed. Concerns that date back for months now. Months. Plural.

While the intention in creating the long requested program to give compensated responsibility to those creating value within/for the community. The quality of execution has left much to be desired. for instance with people with questionable motivations, who continue to exhibit undesirable not fit for role characteristics (narcissistic etc), with poor conflict resolution skills or experience, unable to make a distinction of the different required conduct of their roles - granted moderator authority.

Thus far, what is coming across is that you’re delegating the responsibilities that you are getting paid for, to (questionable) members the community without compensation.

continuing censorship through flagging, by means of opaque conditions underlying it’s logic. How does it work? Why is it not transparent? No one seems to know, be willing to justify it, be transparent or accountable about it.

At this rate and trajectory we’re headed in the direction of Patreon.

We cannot have, it’s impossible to have rules based on #becausefeelings. It’s illogical, unsustainable and undemocratic in it’s lack of transparency and accountability.

This is everything the decentralised revolution is NOT. All this is path dependent. What we do today, greatly affects what happens tomorrow.

We must aspire to create a community that is beyond resilient to one that is anti-fragile. This won’t come to be if opposing thoughts continue to be suppressed.

Ironically, what I have to say here is prohibited as per the “Amended Community Rules for the Forum” #becausefeelings.

Correct me if I’m wrong or mistaken in taking for a fact that your job description (in a large or small part) is dealing with community management. As far as I can tell your role titles are “community manager”. Perhaps there’s a discrepancy about what that objectively means and or in the standards/quality. Either way, having a transparent accountable point of reference for this is needed.

Before there was the excuse or justified reason that CF was a mismanaged bottleneck. Now perhaps your workload is too much? We don’t know, whatever the reason is - so we can’t cooperate. Instead we conflict.

please do consider this an invitation to start engaging on this matter. I along with the community aim to discuss it on the open community call come this Sunday the 10th of February at midday GMT.

To community managers ( @maki.mukai @tom.kelly @YeJi.Kim @lei.hao et al) from the community.

@IOHK_Jane please extend/schedule this invitation to/for Charles.


Hi @misteraxyz

Could you provide more information about the open community call you mentioned that is on Sunday? How do we join the call?



I strongly agree!! Maybe let’s share our censorship or any moderators misbehavior storys here and tag with #becausefeelings.

This censorship kind thing is getting more serious since the moderators/admins would like to join into a conflict themselves.


sure @phil.lewis

join me on CARDANO CAST
in a live streamed (youtube: live link coming)
community call conversation via
google hangouts ( )

this sunday, 10 of feb at midday gmt. where i’ll be voicing my concerns re: community. I hope to hear yours too.

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Thanks @misteraxyz

I watched your cast from last Sunday and what you are aspiring to achieve with Cardano Cast (my feedback on the title to remove all capitals :wink:) looks interesting, so I would definitely like to be involved. While aiming for a 24x7 channel with community content is ambitious, there is nothing wrong with aiming for the stars.

I think in the short term at least getting the community together in this kind of medium (almost a global Meetup) will humanise members of the community we have engaged with on this forum, which can only have a positive effect on how we interact with each other.

I plan to try and join the Google Hangout this Sunday (not sure if I have any family commitments yet as it is 8pm my time) as it would be good to chat face to face. Longer term if more people join, to avoid it being too disjointed there may need to an agenda of some sort. Anyway as you said it is just about starting things off at this stage and seeing how it evolves.

p.s. I may be able to help with any technical setup or manage content etc. in the future if you need assistance


simpler, cleaner, better. :100:

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yes, lets talk.

Maybe it’s better to tag @Nathan_Kaiser, He is our hope to bring a new organizational behavior to CF and Cardano Community.

The last person in community management who claimed loving and wishing to contribute to Cardano, still chose to follow Parson instead in the end.


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Dear all,

This is my last post today - I have other work to do as well… but I want to pick up on what I think is one core issue mentioned above, “continuing censorship through flagging, by means of opaque conditions underlying it’s logic. How does it work? Why is it not transparent? No one seems to know, be willing to justify it, be transparent or accountable about it.”

I agree that transparency, process and accountability are important issues, and we will continue to think about how to improve where reasonable and possible, while we will avoid to reinvent the wheel, but rather adopt best practices as tested and used on other large social networks and platforms.

All the best and have a good day everyone!
— Nathan


It’s fairly easy:

  1. Disable trust level 3 user flagging - too many users are flagging irresponsiblely.

  2. DM and ask users to remove/reword the violated post by themselves - this gives people a chance to explain and also let the moderators a chance to evaluate.

  3. Open a special thread to for transparent moderating log - every moderator has to provide a screenshot with reasons and explanations.

Of course, these are just suggestions, but with these kind transparency can definitely increase the trust within the community.


Ironically, when I tried to draft this reply, I encountered another post removal. I’m wondering when will this come to an end?

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This petty forum stuff is distracting from the bigger issue of the lack of transparency from the Cardano Foundation. If this project prides itself on it’s level of decentralization and transparency, then the community should be more involved and informed than it is. What is happening within the CF? Is there even one anymore?