Advantages of running a cardano-node

I’m trying to setup a cardano-node on a VPS believing it will enable me to do some stacking. Is that correct ?

And what other advantages is there to run a cardano-node on a VPS?

If you just want to stake you don’t need to run a node, just delegate to an existing pool. Running a pool just for your own stake will not be cost effective unless you are a whale. Also, if you do want to run a pool, please be aware, there’s quite a lot to learn!

I’m willing to take time to learn what it takes. It’s only the beginning isn’t it?
And I have been watching crypto space since 2011. I have some background already, although not in Haskell.
I appreciate your warning. it reminds me of the one I give to people wanting to learn emacs. :o)

So I understand that the advantage of running a pool is that you can host other peoples stakes and therefore set the rule for sharing the reward. OK.
Your reply refreshed my mind.

Thank you

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yes! it is only the beginning. go for it dude, learn what it takes, don’t be swayed by off-putting nay-sayers!

here’s a great place to start!

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My cardano-node test launch

The hard way

@misteraxyz I appreciate your encouragement, but you are pointing the hard way for me. I found your link earlier but I was looking for a more comprehensive way, one more suited for someone who does not like one finger clicking device and virtual box stuff, too much.

The following 2 links helped me quite a lot:

The easy way: a resume of my journey with no pointing device


A distant Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Debian 10 (buster)

Preparation (updating stuff)

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get -y install build-essential pkg-config libffi-dev libgmp-dev libssl-dev libtinfo-dev libsystemd-dev zlib1g-dev make g++ tmux git jq wget libncursesw5 -y

Install Haskell stuff


This was kind of new to me. I never touched Haskell stuff before. It did not always go smoothly and I had to go back and forth a few times to the Haskell Cabal overview . Butthe the following worked

apt-get install cabal-install
cabal update
cabal install Cabal cabal-install 

Latest ghc version

I’m not sure why I ended up installing this Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler. It’s probably because latter steps require it, but I can’t say which. Any how, I adapted the code from the last snippet of I checked the latest ghc for Debian 10, downloaded and configure.

tar -xf ghc-<latest-os-version>-linux.tar.xz
rm ghc-<latest-os-version>-linux.tar.xz 
cd ghc-<latest-os-version>

Did I make install ? I do not recall.

Cardano-node stuff

At that point I have 2 cabal executables on the VPS.

  • /usr/bin/cabal --version -->
  • home/foouser.cabal/bin/cabal --version -->


I made sure to use a cabal>=3 by default, and then I check for the latest tag of the cardano-node git

git clone 
cd cardano-node
git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/<latest-tag>
cabal install cardano-node cardano-cli  --installdir=$HOME/.local/bin


Before I tried, yet another launch, I quickly checked the cardano-node/scripts. The and picking an eye in the scripts’s code was very instructive.
Then a simple

cardano-node run --cabal

Cabalinnistic ! it’s a live !


It’s probably time I understand what I did, and what to do next. Do I even have a wallet ?
@misteraxyz’s link is the way to go next!

Thank you


This should also be a gold mine for you :


Great thank you.