Advice on setting up a Cardano community academic, news and education website

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Coindesk’s sensationalism, news that specifically does not cover the substantive progress of IOHK, why should we rely on it? If just IOHK’s official blog and official push, they certainly don’t have time to write articles always, the community has a lot of cattle technology emperors, but there is no one the same channel to publish exchanges, Youtube can publish video media, but we lack a platform for our own news. We need a new media that belongs to each of us.

Therefore, it is proposed that those who have technology, capabilities and funds can organize everyone to establish a Cardano community academic, news and education website, and anyone can apply to publish the academic, news and education content of Caldano on it, but it needs to go through Cardano Peer Review. Because Cardano is a huge and open project, there will certainly be enough news and educational content to be written. Only by becoming more broad and thoughtful, Cardano can always be adapted to the era of rapid development. This site as a living peer-reviewed academic center, news media, and encyclopedia written by the Cardano community from around the world will inspire the cohesiveness of this project, attract new blood, and burst out with more innovation. This must can help Cardano project to achieve the ultimate goal of its new global banking system.

Since the majority of people who care about Cardano come from the Cardano community, this website will definitely have enough self-requirements to achieve the internal benefits and inside-out influence of the community. This website should be based on Cardano blockchain technology, with its own brand, logo and trademark protection, link to, provide some protection in the originality of the above article and content, the form, concept and content of the website should be It is decentralized, unremittingly self-iterative, beautiful, thoughtful, convenient, inspiring, educational, and so on. In the early period, it relied on community donations. In the future, it will be supported by state treasury voting. After the content published above or peer review, it will be rewarded with ADA. We can also have our own Dapps later.

If we finally have such an innovative and independent new platform, it should be highly influential and catalytic, and it should be absolutely beneficial, but it needs everyone’s joint efforts to achieve it. Because I suddenly thought that we didn’t have to rely on monopolize media since the blockchain era, we can use the blockchain to achieve a low-cost, efficient and innovative platform. If this platform’s frame is careful consideration, it will become a model for future blockchain era communities’ academic , news and education websites. If there will be such things in the future, why can’t we be pioneers? The most important thing is that we need it (because of shameless Coindesk). We have done enough great efforts to spread around the world. It is time to build our own home! Unlike this forum, this academic, news, and education website is based on peer-reviewed content. Just share a sudden idea.


Thanks @Chiton for such an inspiring vision!

I would suggest that the basis for such a site already exists: Cardano Wiki.

OK, so it’s not decentralised, but when the technology is sufficiently developed, I’m sure it would be well worth whatever effort it takes to move the content over to the new medium.

Yes, it has a long way to go, content-wise, but IMO it’s a good start, and all it needs to improve is more community involvement. You see something missing, or badly formatted? Go in and fix it!

Why not? :grinning:


Agree! Let’s come and collect IOHK content and add a lot of! (^o^)/

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