Hi all,

This is JOSH!

I am a Cardano ambassador and some of you may know me from [POA] which I Co-founded with Max and Gwendal. I also Co-founded Liqwid Finance, AfroFinLab. Both are very exciting projects which I am very blessed to be a part of. POA has been a massive success as it actually exceeded our expectations in contributing to the cardano community by providing materials and resource for it’s members.

As a meetup organizer I can tell that the importance of blockchain education to foster adoption in Africa cannot be over-emphasized as a lot of people still don’t know what blockchain technology, but everybody don’t have to know what blockchain is to take advantage it!

I have been thinking about this lately and it occurred to me that so many really don’t have to get what the intricacies of this nascent technology is as long as it solves the problems or in some cases completely revolutionizes the state of a continent! WE NEED TO START BUILDING BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS FOR AFRICA

Enter: ABCD

Blockhain eduction stays and should continue, although we have to do more and that’s why we are creating ABCD. But what in the world is ABCD and why are we even creating one?

-Well it stands for African Blockchain Center for Developers


The African Blockchain Center for Developers will create opportunities in Africa by providing blockchain solutions for the world by mobilizing the pool of talent on the continent working to build solutions within the Cardano ecosystem for developers, start-ups, enterprises, and governments both on the continent and worldwide.

The vision of the ABCD is to help bridge the developer-skills gap in Africa by providing better access to high-quality, world-class skills on blockchain technology and stable infrastructure.

Long term activities of ABCD will be:

• Blockchain Training/Education (in partnership with IOG)

• Direct Business Development Assistance

• Professional Network and Relationship Support

• Educational/Awareness Programs

• Facility-Based Services

By fulfilling its mission, ABCD will concretely contribute


• Local job creation

• Local business development

• On-boarding to the global Cardano ecosystem

• Creation of Smart contracts and Dapps

To learn more about ABCD please check us out -

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