AI Revolution: The End of Privacy

Worth a watch
Part 1:

The End of Privacy, Data Scientists Know All Your Secrets

Part 2:

The End of Privacy, How AI Developed A Mind of Its Own

Part 3:

The End of Privacy, In Politics The Best Data Wins


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Liked and enjoyed this info.

So how can this be deployed to promote ADA and who by?

Well, we are building a system around AI functions for a SMART ecommerce solution that will use :ada: for payment and incentive users.

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The essential AI Handbook for Leaders

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Can you expand on what is being worked on in this space?

In regards to :ada: functions, we have started mapping the different use-cases for our open marketplace, this includes adaptive payments, split payments, incentive payments and also future payments based on what AI creates.
We are developing an Online Makerspace built on top of a marketplace, and Users have the option to share their DIY projects with the AI Engine, so based on what prototypes the AI will generate in the future that leads to a sale, the End-Users that made it happen will earn from it.

The project have stagnated a bit, as we have not been able to get investors on board yet.
It is a very big project that I have worked on the last 7 years, and in the process also found the solution on how to enable Industry 5.0