Albert Camus (favorite philosopher of Charles) - your thoughts?

Hi everyone,

In one of the recent AMA’s Charles Hoskinson named Albert Camus as one of his favorite philosophers.

Did you read him?
Your thoughts?

I recently wrote a short review of one of the books,

Never read Camus, but my favorite western philosopher is Allan Watts.

And loved the “Superintelligence”, of Nick Bostrom, the mathematics oriented philosopher. Is somewhat technical but understandable as a whole! Not to mention that talks about the present/future.


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Thanks for response.
Didn’t read them, but maybe will read “Superintelligence” some day
On AI I read Max Tegmark not so long ago and
“AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World” by Kai-Fu Lee
Both are good books

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Note that Bostrom talks about both AI and human superintelligence possibilities.

It’s a falacy to think in the post-human era as being dominated by deep learning alghos or the Tavistock transhumanism movement.

Earth will become a brighter place to live.

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HI Andrii,

I’ve read “The Outsider” by Camus. It’s a pretty bleak read…


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