All ADA is gone

I sent it to Binance, turned it into Bitcoin, sent it to Coinbase, turned it into USD, sent it to my bank, took it out in paper form, spent it on beer and strippers, all gone. :cry:


cool story!

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Complicated process, let’s retrace your steps. Where from did you send it to Binance? We will get to the bottom of this!

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Why ? Is it a huge need for beers and strippers or there is more ?

He must have some insider information, shorting :ada: for “beers and strippers.” Perhaps “beers and strippers” market about to boom :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:!

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Maybe you told the stripper your seed words :wink:

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After a couple of beers …

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it must be

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Hahahaha…enjoying this,
With cold heineken on hand,and
Btc on the rise bit fun is great here.


Blockquote …spent it on beer and strippers, all gone. :cry:

The story of my life. You must be trolling me.

Who is supposed to get paid first, the liquor store and strippers or the IRS? I got into a big argument with IRS agents over this.

Until a steroid fueled female agent that looked like Clinton Eastwood cleared leather from her service holster, pressed her pistol to my temple and said I quote, “Make my day.”

(This story has only been 5% accurate. Or maybe 2.5% accurate.)

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Booom will mehr…

I think you guys are reading it too literally. Beer and strippers must be code words for something else. But let’s not discuss it here . . . big brother paternalistic governments might be watching.

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in 2 years, when ADA is 50 X of today’s value, you will think:“Sh…t, expensive strippers!”

But who knows, they might be clever enough to convert it on Coinbase from USD to BTC, then send it to Binance and turn it into ADA and laughing their behinds off for the money you brought to them after you had some beer.