Anatomy of the Swarm Intelligence That Keeps Us Sick, Divided, And At Constant War With Each Other

Have you ever wondered:
Who really controls our government and news media?
Where is this deep state we keep hearing about?
Who are it’s members?
Why can’t we even determine if a some elite group of puppet masters somewhere are keeping us poor, and sick, and at constant war with each other?

Turns out it’s not a group of people but rather a swarm intelligence that emerges from the exchange of money, information, and influence when powerful and connected people interact.

The video at the following link shows the anatomy of this beast.

I think Cardano is a big part of the solution


How is the “theory” in this video not in itself divisive?

Framing transness as being sick and normalising it as executing the plan of some evil elite swarm? Come on, that’s just disgusting and quite close to hate speech.

Constructimg a division between an imagined “us” and some “elite” is also “keeping us divided”. It’s also othering. It’s also fanning an “us vs. them” war.

Granted replacing the ridiculous puppet master cabal by a swarm network is an interesting twist. But it doesn’t change the fact that it allows to label and delegitimise anyone whose opinion he or you don’t like as either part of that “swarm” or as their willing or naïve servant.

And it’s totally arbitrary. He even includes Trump, Fox, and Rogan in there. (Do the Kennedys include that RFK nutjob?)

Why stop there? Probably Hoskinson is also part of it! Crypto is perfect for giving part of the masses false hope and keeping them at war with the crypto skeptics!

And he himself definitely belongs in that influencer bubble of the swarm! Keeping people divided is obbiously his agenda

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Greetings @HeptaSean

This is the part I was focused on.

What if the people I typically consider bad like Sam Bankman Fried, Elizabeth Warren, and Gary Gensler aren’t bad people but rather the connections between them is an emergent living intelligence with a will of it’s own and which sustains itself by causing it’s members to crack open society and feed on what it finds inside?

The implication for me is that our problem is not generally with people but the invisible connections that form between people. Connections like, money, information, influence and incentives.

If this is the case than the work we are doing with blockchain to decentralize money, information, and influence is key to breaking up this living thing which forms between powerful people and which feeds on all of us.

I am just saying that humanity may be fighting against a living emergent creature that is very hard for humans to perceive.

Perhaps awareness of it is essential for defending ourselves against it.


Most interesting to me is at 4 minutes and 44 seconds into the video where he talks about the highly connected swarm of elites which is understood by me to be an emergent intelligence which has a will of its own that is completely independent of its members. I call this emergent mind the beast. Like all living things it seeks to feed and grow. The beast controls its members using money, information, or incentive to cause its elite members to create and enforce policy as input upon the disorganized masses in order to achieve a desired response from the masses as the output. The beast feeds on the output. Almost all the elite members never even realize that the emergent intelligence in the community influinces the thoughts and actions of the elite membership in order to feed and grow.

This answers a gigantic question for me:

Why is there never any proof of connection between the highly connected elites and the problems they are suspected of causing?

The Ukraine war is the one place were we could actually see the beast start a profitable war using policy. We watched elite policy push NATO (nuclear weapons) closer and closer to Russia’s border over many years dispite repeated warnings that Russia would respond. Finally the provocation was too much and now the disconnected masses think they are supporting Ukraine agaist the evil Russian empire when infact the swarm intelligence which controls both Russia and the United States is feeding off all the money being printed as a result of the war.

It is much harder to see how policy alone may have been used to cause the fall of the Twin Towers which was used by this hive mind I call the beast as a pretext to start a profitable war with Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the fall of the towers.

The policies were a lax security policy, an open boarder policy, and various policies that enraged the people who hijacked the planes used to crash into the towers. The policy makers controled by the swarm wouldn’t even need to know that the Twin Towers would be the exact target of the attack. All the swarm needs to know (the group intelligence, not any individual members) is that the policies would cause an attack somewhere on American soil that could be used as pretext for a profitable war. I think we see this repeated time and time again from early history until recent times.

So I suspect that foreign policy and security policy is used by swarm intelligence to start profitable wars in much the same way it uses ecconomic policy to lower inflation on the backs of citizens while it prints money to feed itself.

Perhaps this explains why no members of the elite can ever be tied directly to the profitable but devistating events which feed the elite swarm intelligence that I call the beast.

It may be that various members of the elite understand complex adaptive systems and so control the hive mind which in turn sets the policy which controls the unconnected masses of humanity. I think of these special members of the elites as the beast riders. But it is also true that the hive mind which the top elites control are also controled by the hive mind. So it can also be said that the beast is riding the top elites.

In any case, there is a solution, and the Cardano community plays a big part. No matter if we are considering human intelligence, artificial intelligence, or swarm intelligence, intelligence grows as the number of nodes and the number of connections between the nodes grow. So reducing the size of all our organizations (the nodes) and decentralizing money, information, and influence that flows between the nodes (the connections) will stop our organizations from getting so smart that they learn how to create the very problems they are built to solve in order to feed and grow more.

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RFK for instance has requested Secret Service protection and has been denied by the Biden administration (part of the swarm intelligence which emerges from bureaucracy). According to the video linked below, RFK claims to be the first candidate in history to be denied this protection despite the recent interception of an armed gunman by his own private security at a rally, and the recent arrest of an intruder in his home who came back to his house a second time right after being released by the police.

So if harm comes to RFK can the swarm intelligence be held accountable?
No, because humans do not recognize the probabilistic connection between policy and events.
And no again because humans do not recognize the intelligent being that emerges from bureaucracy.

Now there is no guarantee that RFK will be assassinated, but the swarm has greatly increased the probability that he will be. And this increases the strength of the swarm’s hand in their game of chance without any need to be directly involved as they were in the old days.

Seems to me, this thing is getting smarter as its membership and the connections between its membership grows.

RFK supports the cryptocurrency industry because it provides a way out of the fiat banking system which is the swarm’s life blood. So the policy to refuse Secret Service protection should not come as a surprise.

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Greetings All,
I got the following valuable response on a side channel and thought it would be helpful to give it a voice here.

…the actions being taken against RFK are driven by malevolent individual intelligences rather than a disembodied swarm intelligence

My response was as follows with some edits:
Yes, there are malevolent individuals involved. I just think that the dividing line between what is individual thought and what thought is caused by connections of money, influence, pleasures, and other incentives feeding back into the swarm as a group is of little distinction. But here is the test: If one person in the swarm were destroyed, would the policy towards RFK be the same? Probably yes, the policy would likely be the same (no Secret Service protection). But if the connections between all the swarm members were destroyed by say global adoption of decentralized cryptocurrency and the removal of centralized fiat currency then policy would likely change and Secret Service protection would likely be available for RFK.

It is still unclear to me whether malevolent individuals are drawn to the swarm or if rather the swarm turns good people into malevolent individuals. But in either case, I am sure that reducing the size of bureaucracy and scattering its connections by decentralizing money, information, culture, and guns whenever possible will reduce the impact malevolent individuals can have on our lives.

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Kennedy’s suggestion that he is being treated differently than every other presidential candidate since 1968 is baseless. In reality, the vast majority of candidates in modern presidential primaries never receive Secret Service protection because they are not deemed “major” candidates – and it would be nearly unprecedented for even a major candidate to receive protection this early in a campaign if they did not already have it on account of currently or previously serving in the White House. A CNN review of presidential campaigns dating back to 1980 found that only then-Senator Barack Obama, who faced unique threats as a Black man with a realistic chance to become president, was granted Secret Service protection as early in a campaign as Kennedy is seeking it.

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Thank you @HeptaSean for demonstrating how the swarm uses its state controlled media (CNN in this case) to enforce policy which puts RFK in danger.

Following the links on this page leads to the Secret Service report outlining various risks and threats against the life of RFK

The important thing to notice is that this is not just one person making a decision but rather a system of various government branches and media outlets and even individual humans such as yourself all unwittingly controlled by the swarm intelligence that emerges from the incentives which pass between all of these.


You are so lost!

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I will remind you that you thought the idea was interesting before I brought up the possibility that even you are influenced by the swarm intelligence.

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You are clearly incapable of reading sarcasm.

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Or to be totally clear: I consider the “swarm” that uses easily impressible individuals like you to fill them with ridiculous conspiracy narratives, make them believe that everything that contradicts their fringe world view as part of the evil, and radicalise them against society as the true and dangerous threat.

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I don’t feel radical. Nor do I feel like the tiny network of people that have considered swarm intelligence as a factor in human behavior is large enough to be considered a dangerous threat. For this reason I would ask you to look inside and examine what makes you have these thoughts.

Furthermore, the safety of RFK is a legitimate concern. I am just having a civil conversation in a public space about how a swarm intelligence rather than individuals is using security policy to improve the chances that an election will be decided favorably to it by assassination rather than by votes.